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The accreditation process includes the accreditation of the operation and content. This effectively implies accreditation of processes & procedures, the educational programmes and the related examination. Next to a specialized and recognized organisation, The Institute’s Advisory Board, Programme Commission and Exam Commission assure top-notch quality. This way market standards will be set for the entire European energy market, and beyond.

The commissioners are representatives from the energy branch (p.e. energy companies, brokerage firms, exchanges, policy makers, regulatory bodies and promoting associations). This way The Institute formed by and set up for the energy industry

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Our standardized programmes are also available online. Our E-learning consists of video lectures, extensive readers, tests, exams and certification.


Open enrolment courses are delivered during one or more days, at various locations.


We offer in-company delivery of courses. For in-company education content can be tailored.


We offer a wide variety of themed interactive (live) online seminars and pre-recorded online seminars.