This course sets out some of the basics regarding natural resources and classifies different groups of
natural resources. Analogously, commodities are set out and classified. Last, but not least, attention is
given to the supply chain and some related concepts, activities and terminology.
This crash course covers the following videos:

    1. Natural Resources – Definition
    2. Natural Resources – Categories – Ubiquitous versus localised resources
    3. Natural Resources – Categories – Biotic versus abiotic resources
    4. Natural Resources – Categories – Renewables versus non-renewables
    5. Natural Resources – Categories – Actual versus potential resources
    6. Natural Resources – Natural resource management
    7. Commodities – Definition
    8. Commodities – Asset classes
    9. Commodities – Classifications
    10. Commodities – Indirect investments
    11. Commodities – Commoditisation
    12. Commodities – Capacity as tradable product
    13. Commodities – Complexity of commodity markets
    14. The supply chain – The value chain
    15. The supply chain – Up-, mid- and downstream
    16. The supply chain – Time horizon
    17. The supply chain – Trading activities

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