This crash course explains what a markets is and how it can be defined. The crash course includes videos about various ways to classify markets. Attention is given to wholesale and retail markets and the differentials between them. Likewise applies to spot and term contacts, or physical and financial markets. It is also explained what balancing markets concern and what the role of transmission system operators is in that field. Last, but not least, it is set out what granularity concerns, which is specifically applicable for electricity and gas contracts.

This crash course covers the following videos:

  1. Commodity markets – Introduction
  2. Commodity markets – Overview
  3. Commodity markets – Physical versus financial markets
  4. Commodity markets – Liberal versus regulated markets
  5. Commodity markets – Wholesale & retail markets
  6. Commodity markets – Spot & forward markets
  7. Commodity markets – Spot markets – Intraday & day ahead markets
  8. Commodity markets – Term contracts
  9. Commodity markets – Granularity
  10. Commodity markets – Balancing markets
  11. Commodity markets – Market participants

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