LNG (1-day workshop)

Get up to speed about Liquefied Natural Gas

Thursday 10 November 2022, 10:00-16:00 (CET)

Due to the worst global energy crisis on memory, 2022 is an eventful year for the LNG sector.  LNG is more vital than ever to secure the reliable functioning of energy systems around the world. LNG also is  a vital tool for controlling emissions, particularly as the crisis in energy supply is forcing even the most climate-conscious economies to turn back to coal, wiping out emissions reductions achieved in recent years.

Addressing supply constraints is going to be critical to energy security and economic stability in the world. Today LNG connects 40 importing with 19 exporting markets. Next to this global trading, important issues to discuss are the global liquefaction and regasification capacities, the growing role of Floating storage and regasification (FSR) and shipping.

Besides as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict more stress was added to the already very tight LNG markets. Spot LNG prices surged to historic highs, and European benchmarks exceeded the Asian JKM. Making trading, portfolio management and risk management even more challenging.

This highly interactive webinar provides context on the current LNG market and what will happen in the future.

Target Groups:
Professionals in a business, control or support function in the commodity and energy markets.

Learning Objectives:

  • The current and future LNG market outlook
  • What are the different global LNG price benchmarks
  • The role of shipping
  • How to Trade and Hedge LNG
  • How to optimize the value of the portfolio


  • Study materials (handout)
  • Lunch


Introduction LNG

  • The LNG Value Chain
  • Global Supply & Demand
  • Impact geopolitics
  • European vs. Asian demand
  • Market Players
  • LNG contracting

LNG Pricing Dynamics

  • LNG Price Drivers
  • Hub pricing vs. oil indexation
  • Henry Hub, TTF and JKM Index
  • Trading in different market conditions


  • Shipping terms
  • Spot Shipping Market
  • LNG freight derivatives
  • Freight & Arbitrage
  • Cargo Swaps and diversions

Trading and Hedging Strategies

  • Physical LNG Trading
  • Spot, term & tender Trades
  • Financial LNG Instruments
  • Futures, swaps, options, LNG option spreads
  • LNG Forward Hedging

LNG Portfolio Optimisation

  • LNG Portfolio Components
  • Using contractual flexibilities
  • Challenges

About the Lecturer

Kasper Walet, former trader, since 1997 consultant and trainer specialised in energy and commodity markets.

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