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Our online education consists of eLearning, Webinars and the Online Coach (online assistance). eLearning covers our accredited, standardized, fixed-protocol programmes, including examination & certification, whereas Webinars allow for tailor-made, specific learning including interactivity and group discussion. The Online Coach however, is an add on to both, and also to on-site classes. Actually, the Online Coach is of added value to every form of education.

The Online Coach is a fantastic tool to be used as preparation for a training course, in order to optimize the knowledge transfer during a courses. Next, the online coach can be used as after-service, to intercalate know how. After all, repetition is important to realize embedding of knowledge and realize expertise. Furthermore, the Online Coach is a fantastic tool to address work-related questions and have them answered on a frequent, periodic base. This is why we offer the Online Coach to you in different ways:

  • An individual or group?
    • Groups can consult the Online Coach for:
      • Preparation of upcoming education
      • Repetition and extension (steepen the learning curve)
    • Individuals can use the Online Coach ongoing:
      • To understand work
      • To implement the topics covered
      • Optimize
      • Apply (skills)
  • Ad hoc or ongoing?
    • Ad hoc (one-off consult)
    • Subscription via season ticket
      • Monthly consult
      • Weekly consult
      • Daily consult
    • Intensity
      • How many consults per period
      • Duration per consult
  • How?
    • Live, webinar-alike platform (problems/questions addressed upfront, by email)

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Our standardized programmes are also available online. Our E-learning consists of video lectures, extensive readers, tests, exams and certification.


Open enrolment courses are delivered during one or more days, at various locations.


We offer in-company delivery of courses. For in-company education content can be tailored.


We offer a wide variety of themed interactive (live) online seminars and pre-recorded online seminars.