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Full packages, warrants & licenses

Entrima offers various learning packages to organisations as a whole, to an extensive group of staff, to a specific team and even to individuals, at a lump sum:

  • Unlimited access                           – 24/7 eLearning
  • Season ticket                                  – All  online seminars
  • Market abuse package                 – REMIT & MAR
  • CPE points                                      – REMIT & MAR
  • Membership “Regulation”            – Periodic updates
  • Masterclass                                    – Oil, Gas, Coal, Power & Carbon
  • Bootcamp                                       – Fundamentals + 4 levels of Essentials

See below for details:

  • Unlimited Access 24/7 eLearning
  • Entrima offers unlimited access to our extensive standardized educational programmes (50#, with > 400 modules). We have developed, including all study materials (extensive reader, exercises, simulations, tests), examination, certification and registration as chartered professional.
    • Courses:
      • Fundamentals
      • This includes two programmes, which are highly suitable for all new hires (recruits, graduates) and non-traders:
        • Fundamentals of Commodity Markets
        • Fundamentals of Energy Trading
      • Essentials
      • This includes various programmes, each available at four (4) different levels (basic, intermediate, advanced, expert):
        • Energy markets, products, pricing & trading
          • Oil
          • Gas
          • Coal
          • Power
          • Carbon
        • Support
          • Risk management
          • Back office & Finance
          • Procurement & Sales
        • Derivatives
          • Forwards & futures
          • Swaps
          • Options
      • Regulation
      • This includes various programmes, of which the first two are especially suitable for front office staf (traders):
          • REMIT
          • MAR
          • EMIR
          • MiFID
          • Financial regulation
    • Season ticket All online seminars
      • This service provides unlimited access to all of Entrima’s recorded webinars, for a period of 12 months. 
      • You can start this phase whenever you like.
      • The package includes tens of seminars about (amongst others):
        • Trading technicalities
        • Hedging strategies
        • Behaviour & Trading psychology
        • Modeling
    • Market abuse workshop REMIT & MAR
      • The scopes of REMIT and MAR are far from the same. Firms with oil, coal and carbon traders must comply to MAR. Companies with power and gas traders have to comply to REMIT. But what else is different? We offer a unique solution for those companies which trade gas and/or power, but also oil, coal and/or carbon. After all, a combined workshop is available during which education about both regulations is combined.
      • Details:
        • The workshop is available as 1-day package, as well as 2-day package.
        • The workshop is available as is (suitable for all professionals), but also as a front office-specific package.
        • If desirable, examination can be in place, as well as certification.
    • CPE points REMIT and/or MAR
      • Iteration is crucially important; repetition helps to embed knowledge. Follow up courses allow for optimization of skills. This however, is still nothing but stimulating the desire to get provided education. Nevertheless, regulation such as REMIT and MAR, require organisations to educate their staff periodically. Continuous Professional Education (CPE) is therefore of utmost relevance. It also raises awareness, and that has a decisive nature.
      • Entrima can offers periodic updates, both online and on-site. We can also tailor these periodic updates according to your specific desires.
        • Online:  Quarterly webinar
        • On-site: Annual class
      • Membership “Regulation” Periodic updates
        • Regulatory changes (MiFID, EMIR, MAR, REMIT) may require companies to adjust internal guidelines, procedures, protocols and work flows. Entrima offers organisations a solution to identify the implications of the changes and supports them to cope with the related dynamics. The service includes a visit to your compliance team by an Entrima expert. During this meeting there is time for Q&A concerning the implementation of regulation and operation of the surveillance function.
          • This service includes:
            • Advisory & consultancy services
              • Updating internal documents (procedures, protocols, ethical code/code of conduct).
            • Helpline (readily available, based on ‘fair use agreement’)
              • Q&A.
            • General updates
              • Briefings on new and/or adjusted legislation, as well as its implication and/or interpretation.
            • Customized updates
              • Based on your company’s specific profile.
            • Monthly reports
              • An overview and summary of the latest decisions, documents and amendments.
            • Briefing reports
              • Consequences of decisions/event, e.g. “Brexit”.
            • Monthly pitch (1 hour, online)
              • Update and presentation.
            • Quarterly meeting (3 hours, on-site)
              • Update and presentation.
      • Masterclass Oil, gas, coal, power & carbon
        • With this service your team is allowed access to all eLearning courses -at basic level- concerning the following five (5) commodities:
          • Oil
          • Gas
          • Coal
          • Power
          • Carbon
        • This covers the relevant value chains. This implies physical charcteristics of the commodities are covered, including various related capacities, namely:
          • Production capacity
          • Storage capacity
          • Transport capacity
          • Consumption capacity
        • The masterclass also covers dispatch activities, balancing and the spot markets.
      • Bootcamp 4 levels sequentially
        • With this service your team is allowed access to the two (2) fundamentals, plus all four (4) levels of essentials:
          • Fundamentals
            • Fundamentals of Commodity Markets
            •  Fundamentals of Energy Trading
          • Essentials
            • Basic level
            • Intermediate level
            • Advanced level
            • Expert level
          • The essentials will be one (1) of the following streamings:
            • Products
              • Oil
              • Gas
              • Coal
              • Power
              • Carbon
            • Support:
              • Risk management
              • Back office & Finance
              • Procurement & Sales
            • Derivatives:
              • Futures
              • Swaps
              • Options

Basically, Entrima covers 8 forms education:

      • On-site education
        • On-site education, in-class, open enrolment,     standardized                                    
        • On-site education, in-class, open enrolment,     tailored                                               
        • On-site education, in-class, in-company,             standardized                    
        • On-site education, in-class, in-company,             tailored                               
      • Online education
        • Online education, standardized:                          online seminar (webinar)           
        • Online education, tailored:                                    online seminar (webinar)          
        • Online education, standardized:                           eLearning
        • Online education, tailored:                                    eLearning

Education at Entrima


Our standardized programmes are also available online. Our E-learning consists of video lectures, extensive readers, tests, exams and certification.


Open enrolment courses are delivered during one or more days, at various locations.


We offer in-company delivery of courses. For in-company education content can be tailored.


We offer a wide variety of themed interactive (live) online seminars and pre-recorded online seminars.