The Future Hydrogen Market & Trading

The way forward

The Future Hydrogen Market & Trading

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This 1-day course sets out the basics of future hydrogen markets and trading. The tutor will cover the fundamentals.

In this course it is considered what is needed to develop a market, including the products/contracts traded, the organisational setup of a trading place and the frameworks for market participants.

This course is suitable for any professional who wants to familiarise with the basics of hydrogen, hydrogen markets, hydrogen trading, hydrogen contracts, hydrogen pricing and the related aspects of relevance. Hence, the course is targeted particularly at those who are considered starters/juniors in this field of expertise.



  • Hydrogen value chain
    • Production, consumption, storage, transport
    • Electrolysis
    • Ammonia conversion
  • Types of hydrogen
    • Green hydrogen
    • Blue hydrogen
    • Other
  • Certification of origin
    • Quality standards
  • Trading places
    • Bilateral deals
      • Master agreements
      • Credit support
        • Limits
        • Collateralisation
      • Brokerage services
    • Exchanges
      • Members & memberships
      • Margining
      • Leverage
  • Trading-related risks
    • Compliance risk
    • Legal risk
    • Political risk
    • Market risks
    • Counterparty risk
    • Liquidity risk
  • Contracts
    • Supply contracts
      • Price-indexation
      • Hydrogent-to-gas pricing
    • Derivatives contracts
      • Futures
      • Swaps
      • Options

Practical Information


Wednesday 28 June 2023, 10:00-16:00 (CET)

Where and how?

Online (MS Teams)


995.00 excl. VAT

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