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Our tutors come from the industry, universities and Entrima’s own specialist tutors. This creates the perfect blend of expertise, scientific and practical experience. Aside from the factual aspect, knowledge, and terminology, our programmes uses a lot of practical examples, simulations and models during delivery of classes. This transforms knowledge into skills; it also assures the embedding of know how and development of competences.

The classes are entirely based on the practice, which allows students to apply what has been covered in the workplace immediately. The effectiveness of the student is thus accelerated and the learning curve steepened. Next, it improves communication which causes efficiency to increase sharply and overall the ability is brought to the next level.

Entrima’s tutors are people with a vision and innovative ideas relating to the energy sector. The tutors will not only impart knowledge and experience, but will surprise you with new insights and show you what those mean for you in daily practice. Tutors are specialists in tutoring and come from a wide variety of backgrounds including, but not limited to, still working for energy companies, oil & gas companies, mining companies, brokerage firms, exchanges, clearing organizations, regulators, policy makers, banks and energy consumers and/or are connected to universities.

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Our standardized programmes are also available online. Our E-learning consists of video lectures, extensive readers, tests, exams and certification.


Open enrolment courses are delivered during one or more days, at various locations.


We offer in-company delivery of courses. For in-company education content can be tailored.


We offer a wide variety of themed interactive (live) online seminars and pre-recorded online seminars.