Practical workshop with trading simulations

Unique, unparalleled, immersive, hands-on

Thu-Fri 20-21 April 2023, each day 10:00-16:00 (CET)

Target groups:

  • Primarily non-traders; basically, every professional in the commodity or energy markets who want to master the fundamentals and essentials of markets & trading.

Learning objectives:

  • Get an understanding of a day of an energy trader and the organisation around it.
  • Master the consequences of transacting for the wider trade organisation (trade control & trading operations).
  • Conversion of knowledge into practical applicability.
  • Applying know how leads to a deeper understanding and provides more details.
  • Mastering daily practices and practicalities.
  • Getting a complete overview of trading activities, processes and concepts.
  • Understanding the relationship between business, control and support functions.


  • Study materials (handout)


  • This programme basically covers the trading of oil, gas, coal, power & carbon, as well as FX, weather and freight. More specifically, practical simulations mimic:
  • Dispatch
  • Asset allocation
  • Optimisation of asset
  • Spot & forward trading
  • Auctioning & continuous trading
  • OTC & exchange trading
  • Futures & options
  • Hedging
  • Asset-backed trading
  • Cross-commodity, cross-border & cross-period trading
  • Spread trading – Securing margins & financial optimisation
  • Proprietary strategies
  • FX trading
  • Freight trading
  • Weather risk mitigation
  • By means of these simulations insight is provided in the following:
  • The chain explained
    • Relationships & interaction between front-middle-back office
      • Business, control & support functions
        • Tasks & responsibilities
      • Interaction between the Trading function and the Sales function
        • Relation between wholesale and retail markets & pricing
      • The role of the Treasury department
    • Strategies
      • Speculation
        • Managing risk
        • Managing the risk-reward ratio
        • Cash management
          • Initial margin
          • Variation margin
          • Financial performance
        • Arbitrage
        • Hedging
          • Asset-backed trading
          • Dynamic hedging
          • Delta-hedging
        • Trading technicalities
          • The order book
          • Market liquidity
            • Bid-ask spread
            • Market depth
          • Order types
            • Including smart orders
          • Trade controls
            • Risk management
              • Risk identification, assessment, reporting and control
                • Value at risk & limits structures
                • Stress testing
                • Scenario analysis versus sensitivity analysis
              • Regulatory requirements
                • Publication of inside information
                • Data reporting/collection
                • Trade surveillance
              • Settlement
            • Finance
              • Valuation (end-of-day/month/quarter/year)
              • Mark-to-market valuation
                • The relevance of settlement prices, reference prices and indices
                • The role of price reporting agencies

About the Lecturer

Jerry de Leeuw
Jerry de Leeuw, MSc. (founder of Entrima, former trader)

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Our Labels

Entrima and Market Abuse Centre (MAC) are the two labels we operate to provide learning services for professionals in the commodity & energy markets.

Content & Context

Entrima’s mission is to transfer knowledge regarding the business, controls & operations of parties in (or relating to) the wholesale markets.

Conduct & Culture

MAC’s mission is to facilitate the prevention & detection of misconduct and to foster proper behaviour in organisations. This is achieved via training, periodic updates and increased awareness.