The REMIT regulation

EU Regulation on wholesale Energy Market Integrity & Transparency

Tuesday 31 January 2023, 10:00-16:00 (CET)

Target groups:

  • Professionals with a market access, control or support function, including brokers, traders, dispatchers and shift traders, compliance & surveillance experts, specialists in trade operations, as well as plant managers, asset managers and system operators.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the background of the regulations and its objectives
  • Master the regulation’s prohibitions and obligations
  • Understand the implication of these
  • Being able to distinguish information from inside information
  • Understand abusive practices and the criteria of relevance
  • Master the key aspects of an effective compliancy framework


  • Study materials (handout)


  • The regulation
    • ACER & national regulatory authorities
    • Guidance, Q&A
  • Prohibitions
    • Insider trading
      • Operational setup
      • Internal procedures
    • Market manipulation
      • Schemes
        • Examples
      • Disclosing inside information unlawfully/improper
    • Obligations
      • Publication of inside information
        • What is inside information?
      • To register with authority
      • Data reporting/collection
        • Fundamental & transactional data
        • Registered reporting mechanism
        • ACER’s REMIT information system
      • To perform market monitoring/trade surveillance
        • Suspicious transaction report
      • Compliance
        • Sanctioning regimes
        • Jurisprudence

About the Lecturer

Jerry de Leeuw
Jerry de Leeuw, MSc. (founder of Entrima, former trader and author of the book “REMIT”)

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