What is Unlimited Access?

We only provide a licence to learn whereby a learner can pick from our entire curriculum, meaning that separate (individual) courses are not offered. This way, our licence “Unlimited Access” is comparable to the way Netflix and Spotify offer their services. Our licence “Unlimited Access” gives access to the learning platform on a 24/7 basis for 365 days. Exams can be re-taken unlimited (unless your licence has expired). Once you have passed an exam you can no longer take the exam, as you have already been certified. You can access study materials unlimited, even though you may have passed the related exam.

50 Full Courses

Unlimited Access to all Entrima’s educational programmes

7000+ min. of Video

A broad and complete curriculum, with over 7000 minutes of video lessons

Examination & Certification

Take exams and get certified at the end of every course

Unlimited Access,
Unlimited Learning

With Unlimited Access you have the opportunity to acquire critical skills and expertise in all areas of commodity & energy trading and risk management. Learn at your own pace in our online classroom and get certified when you pass exams.

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Learning Licence Packages

Entrima offers a cost-effective and time-efficient solution to comply with the obligation to train your staff and the desire to master context. Access to our educational offering is obtained through learning licences.


€ 990

1 learner

€ 990 per learner

Access to all courses

Validity 12 months


€ 9,900

(Max.) 15 learners

€ 660 per learner

Access to all courses

Validity 12 months


€ 19,900

(Max.) 40 learners

€ 497 per learner

Access to all courses

Validity 12 months


€ 29,900

(Max.) 100 learners

€ 299 per learner

Access to all courses

Validity 12 months


All prices are exclusive of VAT, if applicable.

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