Weekly Wizard

This online learning service concerns a weekly online meeting, during which your questions are answered. Raise your questions or share your cases in advance (via info@entrima.org) and the wizard will address them. In addition, cross-learn from the points made by the others in the portal.

Enhancing performance – Cross-learn & network

The Weekly Wizard allows you to learn from the responses you get, but also from
the answers to questions raised by others. Meet your colleagues on this platform,
as well as your peers working for other employers.


It concerns public sessions, open to everyone with a licence to the Wizard.


Consult the Wizard to improve your understanding of work-related aspects, to cope with sudden challenges which you encounter at work, to solve problems which arise at work, to master practical application and, thus, to develop and
optimise competences.


Odd weeks on Friday 10:00-11:00 (CET) and/or even weeks on Monday 19:00-20:00 (CET).

Where & how?

Live tutoring, via Microsoft Teams.

Your industry community

Meet your peers and cross-learn. You can chat during the week, while we share answers, documentation and other materials. This tool supports continuous professional development. You can address the challenges you encounter at work every single week, bringing you a near real-time training on the job. Our expert provides assistance, amongst others, by helping out
with concepts, processes & terminology.

Blended learning – Cost-effective and time-efficient

Online learning requires discipline and self-control. Lots of people appreciate professional mentoring. Our blended-learning approach combines self-study (learning at your own pace and in your own time, based on your own preferences) and being able to raise questions. Being mentored allows for practical application and optimises competences. After all, you work in practice, with actual processes and activities; hence, your tasks cannot be performed on the basis of theory.

Select your topics

The Weekly Wizard will address your questions in the following fields:

  • Markets: Market structures and market working
  • Products: Metals, softs, fossil fuels, electricity & supply contracts
  • Pricing: Price drivers, price formation and price-indexation
  • Trading: Commodities & energy; physical & financial trading
  • Risk: Risk management of positions & portfolios
  • Hedging: Hedging strategies and hedging tools
  • Derivatives: Futures, options & swaps
  • Positions: Asset management and portfolio optimisation
  • Strategies: Asset-backed trading and proprietary trading
  • Flexibility: Outright, embedded & real options

Pricing Rates – Weekly Wizard

Buy a licence now and attend the weekly sessions of the online Weekly Wizard as of tomorrow.


€ 990

1 learner

€ 990 per learner

Validity: Full Calendar Year


€ 9,900

(Max.) 15 participants

€ 660 per person

Validity: Full Calendar Year


€ 19,900

(Max.) 40 participants

€ 497 per person

Validity: Full Calendar Year


Upon Request

100+ participants

Bespoke pricing

Validity: Full Calendar Year