We provide educational programmes, both online and on-site, including digital self-study and in-company workshops. Our expertise is trading, risk management, hedging, derivative contracts, trading operations, clearing & settlement and trade compliance & surveillance.

Since 2004

In 2004 we started our mission to improve the quality of staff in the commodity & energy trading environment. To achieve this, we are continuously developing and actualising our educational programmes for on-site training, the content parts uploaded into the Learning Platforms, and the simulations for the Competence Trainer. From the very beginning, the founder and initiators have been leveraging their knowledge of and experience in the markets, resulting in hands-on tools and pragmatic study materials.

24/7 Academy

Spread across our online platforms we offer 182 courses, 1904 video-lessons and 50 simulations that are off-taken 24/7 by over 3.000 learners at any point (and counting). Every course ends with an exam. In 2023 we awarded 3,972 certificates.

Today We Serve

  • 20 Oil & Gas Companies
  • 33 Electric Utilities
  • 23 Commodity & Energy Trading Firms
  • 12 System Operators
  • 12 Exchanges & Brokerage Firms
  • 10 Regulators
  • 11 Software Vendors
  • Numerous Individuals

Helping You to be a Good Employer

For years, ENTRIMA has been developing educational tools and training programmes for organisations that are active in commodity and energy markets. Our idea of how you, as an employer, ensure competent and compliant employees who therefore remain on-board longer translates into the following services:

  • Workforce Assessments
  • Learning Platforms
  • Tutored Lessons
  • Competence Trainer
  • Intervision Groups


The setup of our learning services assures that each employee can develop the required knowledge base and skills at the required level and in every phase of their career. Our T-shaped learning model integrates the broadening of expertise and the deepening of knowledge, combining fundamentals and essentials, thereby strengthening both in-person and digital learning. Blended-learning brings flexibility and allows students to progress at their own pace, accessing digital resources beyond scheduled classes. This approach caters to diverse learning styles and enables personalised learning journeys.

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Entrima is trusted by numerous members or associates of the following organisations

Entrima has trained numerous professionals and certified thousands of learners, and counting

The in-company training services were very satisfying, amongst others, as they served the purpose of learning by debate and through exchange of thoughts.

Pieter Schuurs
Intercontinental Exchange | ICE Endex

The most positive element of Entrima’s online learning services concerns the progressive (step-by-step) approach from simple to more complex concepts.

Ronan Haas

The online learning services are based on a comprehensive curriculum with a wide variety of theoretical basics combined with a profound business knowledge. The courses provide an in-depth understanding of business relevant processes.

Mario Claeys
Uniper Global Commodities

Entrima’s courses are very suitable for our employees; good quality content is what we look for.

Rob Veersma
Advisor | Global Energy Community

Really well structured and easy to follow content that is varied in delivery in order to keep the reader engaged. Looking forward to seeing more from the Entrima in the future!

Erika Rabadia
Manager Trading Surveillance | Shell