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About Entrima

Entrima offers education, online and on-site. Online services are split into Seminars, eLearning & the Online Coach. We offer our standardized & accredited programmes in-class, as well as by eLearning. In any case this includes examination & certification.

Online learning allows for flexible scheduling, self-pacing, reduced out-of-office time and much more benefits, which are currently required as well as the years onward.

Online education (eLearning lessons) and on-site development (practical classes) can stimulate each other. Elearning is primarily suitable for knowledge transfer, including facts and terminology, whereas on-site classes allow for practical application and are therefore very suitable for the optimization of skills.

Education at Entrima


Our standardized programmes are also available online. Our E-learning consists of video lectures, extensive readers, tests, exams and certification.


Open enrolment courses are delivered during one or more days, at various locations.


We offer in-company delivery of courses. For in-company education content can be tailored.


We offer a wide variety of themed interactive (live) online seminars and pre-recorded online seminars.