Mission, Vision, Strategy & Target Groups


Increasing complexity of markets leads to an increased functional desire and operational need for education, while regulations enforce a training obligation.


Our mission is to improve the quality of staff in the commodity & energy trading environment. We make your staff understand the activities, processes and concepts in the wholesale markets.


Our focus is on Content & Context

Effective functioning in a complex environment requires expertise.

Your company is exposed to the risk of financial failure, mistakes, unawareness and misunderstanding; we provide a solution to achieve success.

Target groups

We serve professionals in the commodity and energy markets. This includes management and staff of policy makers and regulators, system operators, brokerage firms, exchanges, clearing organisations, and parties with a trading function (e.g. utilities, oil & gas companies, commodity trading firms), as well as companies facilitating these organisations (e.g. IT companies, consultancy firms, accountants and legal firms).