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Course: Abusive Schemes

About the online training programme

Under the Regulation on wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT), the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has developed a Guidance. The document, although it is legally non-binding, provides important insights in what is considered abusive, also in the sense of market manipulation. There are various types of market manipulation, being classified in categories of abuse. The abusive behaviours are quite diverse, including physical withholding, a typical activity not applicable to markets where equity or bonds are traded, but physical commodities.

Course contents

This series of courses consists of the following video lessons, as well as an exam:

  1. Recital 13
  2. Recital 14
  3. Guidance – Introduction
  4. Guidance – Wash trade
  5. Guidance – Improper matched order
  6. Guidance – Placing orders with no intention executing them
  7. Guidance – Marking the close
  8. Guidance – Abusive squeeze
  9. Guidance – Cross-market manipulation
  10. Guidance – Physical withholding
  11. Guidance – Scalping
  12. Guidance – Pump & dump
  13. Guidance – Circular trading
  14. Guidance – Pre-arranged trading
  15. Guidance – Spreading false or misleading information
  16. Guidance – Other behaviour to spread false or misleading information


The course provided a good explanation.

Mohammed Abi Afthab Olikathodi
Analyst Energy Data & Scenarios at Eurelectric

The most positive element of the course were the short informative lectures.

Olga Lysytsyna
Senior Consultant at E-Star

Content was good.

Maria Kramer
Operational Risk Manager at Statkraft

It is very informative and well described. The subtitles help.

Mohammed Abi Afthab Olikathodi
Analyst Energy Data & Scenarios at Eurelectric

Good illustration.

Nataliia Trofimova
Internal Auditor at DTEK