Bilateral deals & OTC trading

This course contains animation-style videos with narration (and subtitles) which set out the characteristics of over-the-counter deal-making. It is explained in what sense it differs from exchange trading. Attention is given to tailoring of solutions, bespoke deals and counterparty risk.

This course covers the following video lessons:

  1. Bilateral deal-making
  2. Standard versus tailored solutions
  3. Organised versus non-organised markets
  4. On-venue versus off-venue
  5. Listed versus non-listed products
  6. Characteristics of OTC markets – Mediation services & discretion
  7. Characteristics of OTC markets – Counterparty risk
  8. Characteristics of OTC markets – Transparency versus anonimity
  9. Characteristics of OTC markets – Market liquidity
  10. Characteristics of OTC markets – Contract specificiations
Our Labels
Entrima and Market Abuse Centre (MAC) are the two labels we operate to provide learning services for professionals in the commodity & energy markets.

Content & Context

Entrima’s mission is to transfer knowledge regarding the business, controls & operations of parties in (or relating to) the wholesale markets.

Conduct & Culture

MAC’s mission is to facilitate the prevention & detection of misconduct and to foster proper behaviour in organisations. This is achieved via training, periodic updates and increased awareness.