Freight – Incoterms

This course explains the international commercial terms (in brief: ‘Incoterms’), which are a series of predefined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce relating to international commercial law. Incoterms are also known as ‘terms of delivery’, because they regulate the rights and duties of buying and selling parties.

This course covers the following video lessons:

1. Introduction
2. Contract of carriage
3. Delivery, risk & liability
4. Contract of sale & master agreement
5. Periodic updates
6. Aspects of relevance
7. Variety of incoterms
8. Ex works – EXW
9. Free carrier – FCA
10. Carriage paid to – CPT
11. Carriage and insurance paid – CIP
12. Delivered at place unloaded – DPU
13. Delivered at place unloaded – DAP
14. Delivered duty paid – DDP
15. Free alongside ship – FAS
16. Free on board – FOB
17. Cost and freight – CFR
18. Cost, insurance & freight – CIF


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