Margining is a crucial process in trade operations. It is a sub-process of clearing. During the lifetime of a contract security has to be arranged for. How this works is set out in this course, including initial margin and variation margin, as well as cross-margining.

This course covers the following videos:

1. Counterparty risk management
2. Initial margin
3. Variation margin
4. Margin call
5. Bilateral deals
6. Exchange-trading
7. Fee structure
8. Novation
9. The process of margining
10. Direct & general clearing members
11. Initial margin to financially manage close-out
12. Settlement
13. Daily calculations
14. Leverage
15. Cost of capital
16. Replacement risk & credit risk
17. Mutual & non-mutual margin requirements
18. Money transfer & margin requirement
19. The margining process
20. Variation margin calculation
21. Initial margin calculation
22. Periodic reconsiderations
23. Cash management & price data
24. General clearing members
25. Direct market access
26. Cross-margin – Introduction
27. Cross-margin – Price correlation
28. Requirements for options – Introduction
29. Requirements for options – Calculations
30. Requirements for options – Maintenance margin
31. Requirements for options – Haircut


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