About the online training programme

This training covers the fundamentals of ‘markets’ and ‘trading’. It touches on the basics of market working and covers the types of markets. Included are the basics of deal making and transacting.

Course contents

This training covers the following topics:

  • What is a market?
    • Buyers & sellers: suppliers & consumers, plus others
    • Spot vs. forward
  • Organisation of markets, products, pricing & trading
    • Standard vs. Non-standard products
    • Bilateral deals – Master agreement (legal framework for non-commercial terms)
  • Types of markets
    • Balancing markets, spot markets ((W)IDM, DAM) & forward markets
    • Auction & continuous market
  • Comparison: Commodity markets vs. Financial markets
  • Venues
    • On-venue & off-venue – OTC markets vs. exchange trading
      • Counterparty risk management – Collateralisation & Margining
      • Exchange rulebooks
  • Transacting
    • Deal making
      • Product, volume & price, plus terms (specifications)
  • Trading technicalities & strategies
  • Basic questions
    • Who?
      • Market participants & types of traders
    • What?
      • Products & trading activities
    • Why?
      • Reasons to enter into a contract; trading strategies
    • Where?
      • On-venue vs. off-venue; exchange & OTC trading
    • When?
      • Timing (spot vs. forward)
    • How?
      • On-site & online (live, platform, chat), plus tools (phone, squawk box)


The course provided a good explanation.

Mohammed Abi Afthab Olikathodi
Analyst Energy Data & Scenarios at Eurelectric

The most positive element of the course were the short informative lectures.

Olga Lysytsyna
Senior Consultant at E-Star

Content was good.

Maria Kramer
Operational Risk Manager at Statkraft

It is very informative and well described. The subtitles help.

Mohammed Abi Afthab Olikathodi
Analyst Energy Data & Scenarios at Eurelectric

Good illustration.

Nataliia Trofimova
Internal Auditor at DTEK