Options – Greek Variables

Derivatives — Markets & Trading

About the online training programme

This course provides learners with a comprehensive overview of the risk parameters related to option positions. It is explained how the Greek variables can be used to perform risk management. Throughout the course one can master advanced knowledge of the Greeks and how sensitivity analysis can be effectuated, as well as how this allows to manage positions. In addition, the relationships between the risk parameters are clarified.

Course Contents

This course covers the following video lessons:

  1. Risk parameters
  2. Dynamic concepts
  3. Delta – Introduction
  4. Delta – Call Delta versus put Delta
  5. Delta – Sensitivity
  6. Delta – Long versus short position
  7. Delta – Portfolio management
  8. Delta – Relevant notes
  9. Delta – Hedge ratio
  10. Delta – Non-linear exposure vs. linear hedge
  11. Delta – Dynamics of Delta
  12. Theta – Introduction
  13. Theta – Portfolio management
  14. Vega – Introduction
  15. Vega – Portfolio management
  16. Rho
  17. Second order Greeks – Introduction
  18. Vanna
  19. Vomma
  20. Charm
  21. Veta
  22. Vera
  23. Gamma – Introduction
  24. Gamma – Characteristics
  25. Gamma – Rules of thumb
  26. Third order Greeks
  27. Application – Coherence – Delta
  28. Application – Coherence – Gamma, Vega & Theta
  29. Application – Coherence – The process of the underlying
  30. Application – Coherence – Greeks of a linear product
  31. Risks beyond Greeks – Liquidity risk
  32. Risks beyond Greeks – PIN risk
  33. Risks beyond Greeks – Fugit

This course also includes examination and certification.

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