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All over the globe, on a 24/7 basis, we train professionals in the commodity & energy markets at every level by providing content and context concerning trading and related aspects.

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The Leader in Online Commodity & Energy Market Training

We have developed and maintain a comprehensive curriculum which is unparalleled to companies in commodity & energy markets. This way their employees acquire crucial expertise and optimize required skills for successful trading, risk management and operations. Discover why leading organisations in the commodity & energy sector prefer our learning services.

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Entrima's online education is also available in an app for learning on the go
Entrima is trusted by numerous members or associates of the following organisations

Entrima has trained thousands of professionals and certified over 3,000 learners in 2019

“The in-company training services were very satisfying, amongst others, as they served the purpose of learning by debate and through exchange of thoughts.”
Pieter Schuurs
Intercontinental Exchange | ICE Endex
“The most positive element of Entrima’s online learning services concerns the progressive (step-by-step) approach from simple to more complex concepts.”
Ronan Haas
“The online learning services are based on a comprehensive curriculum with a wide variety of theoratical basics combined with a profound business knowledge. The courses provide an in-depth understanding of business relevant processes.”
Mario Claeys
Uniper Global Commodities
Our Labels
Entrima and Market Abuse Centre (MAC) are the two labels we operate to provide learning services for professionals in the commodity & energy markets.

Content & Context

Entrima’s mission is to transfer knowledge regarding the business, controls & operations of parties in (or relating to) the wholesale markets.

Conduct & Culture

MAC’s mission is to facilitate the prevention & detection of misconduct and to foster proper behaviour in organisations. This is achieved via training, periodic updates and increased awareness.