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(Simulation-based) Training: Options – Delta Hedging (information)

Short description

Dynamically hedging an option position (strategy or portfolio) with the underlying futures contract.


You act in the role of an option trader. You can transact exchange-listed options and their underlying futures contract.
More specifically, you act in the capacity of initiator.


Your task is to setup an option position, either long or short, either with a call only (or a multiple of it), or with a put only (or a multiple of it). Then, check the Delta position. If it is long (a positive number), then, sell an equivalent number of futures, but if the Delta position is short (a negative number), then, buy an equivalent number of futures. Then, look at the following:

First, check the P/L of your portfolio should not change significantly, when the underlying futures price changes, as you have hedged according to the Delta (Delta-hedging).

Secondly, verify whether the Delta position has exceeded (plus or minus) 1.00. if so.
If larger than + 1.00, sell one future.
If more negative than -1.00, buy one future.

This way, you dynamically apply Delta-hedging, in order to keep the value of the portfolio immune to a price change, as much as possible.


Analyse reported number in overview to monitor the Greeks of your portfolio:

Delta (Δ)
Gamma (Γ)
Vega (ν)
Theta (Θ)
Rho (Ρ)