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(Simulation-based) Training: Options – The Greeks (information)

Short description

Analyse the Greek variables of option positions.


You act in the role of an option trader. You can transact various exchange-listed options and their underlying futures contract.
More specifically, you act in the capacity of aggressor.


Your task is to set up the following option strategies and see what Greek values each of those positions have and how these change if the price of the underlying futures contract changes: a long call option, a long put option, a long call spread, a long put spread, an at-the-money straddle, a strangle, an even-money collar.


The aim of this simulation is to familiarise with the Greeks or to optimise such knowledge if already available. The objective of this simulation is to understand the relationship between the Greeks and to master the impact of a price change of the underlying value.


Analyse reported number in overview to monitor the Greeks of your portfolio:

Delta (Δ)
Gamma (Γ)
Vega (ν)
Theta (Θ)
Rho (Ρ)


At the end of the simulation, analyse your final position and the Greek variables that relate to it. Conclude what the impact will be on the value of your portfolio if each of the following scenarios takes place:

The market price of the underlying future goes down with 2.00 (check Delta position).
The implied volatility moves up 3% point (analyse Vega position).
One day goes by and the market remains unchanged (verify Theta position).
The interest rate moves up by 0.5% point (see Rho position).