Competence Trainer

(Simulation-based) Training: Screen-based Trading (information)

Transact by hitting a bid or lifting an offer versus the submission of an order.
This simulation mimics the fundamentals of the trading environment and market activity. Focus is only on relevant aspects so that you cannot be distracted by (currently) irrelevant aspects. The modular setup of this simulation allows therefore for gradually grasping one concept or process after another, making it very suitable for non-traders. Actually, it is suitable for all professionals with a role in (or relating to) the wholesale commodity or energy markets. It is very suitable for non-traders as terminology is covered on the go, thereby intuitively embedding concepts and processes.


You act in the capacity of a market participant.
You act in the capacity of agressor.


Other market participants have placed orders to buy and sell; now, you can “hit their bid” or “lift their offer”; this way, you’ll become the counterparty of their order initiation. By clicking on the ask (price) you buy, while a click on the bid (price) makes you sell. After all, the bid and ask (orders) have been initiated by other market participants than you. Now you aggress one (or more) of these orders.
Alternatively, you place an order (click on the bid price to launch an order ticket to sell, or click on the ask price to launch an order ticket to buy; submit the order by the confirmation button).


The aim of this simulation is understand the concept ‘hitting & lifting’, as well as the working of order types.
The goal is to understand that you buy when you lift an offer, while you’ll sell if you hit a bid.