Assessment: Capacities & Talent Indication

This Multi-Cultural Capabilities Test (MCT) test measures the determination of school and non-school capacities in the areas of language, numerical qualities, spatial insight, working speed and accuracy. The MCT is based on scientific research by “VU” University Amsterdam in combination with NOA. This test assesses the work/think level and it indicates talent. The MCT measures academic skills/abilities as well as extracurricular skills/talents in verbal areas, numerical areas, spatial awareness and speed of action. The MCT provides insight into the capacities and talents to be used in the workplace and at what level of education the candidate is. It could be, for instance, that candidate has completed Secondary Vocational Education but testing concludes a measured academic thinking level.

When and why should this test be applied? To test whether the candidate meets the requested job level as it indicates possible unused talents.


90 minutes


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€ 495 p.p.

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