Assessment: Full Navigator

Instead of ordering one of these four individual assessments:

  1. Preferred & Stressed Thinking Patterns
  2. Capacities & Talent Indication
  3. Critical Analytical Reasoning
  4. Personality & Values
You can also order a bundle combining all of them (prices are per person).

HBDI Dashboard

analysis, report, feedback & advice

€ 795

HBDI Dashboard

2 surveys, analysis, report, feedback & advice

€ 995

HBDI Dashboard

3 surveys, analysis, report, feedback & advice

€ 1,195

Or you can also order the full package, namely all of it:

Full Navigator

Our most comprehensive programme concerns the Full Navigator, covering all 4 tests plus an extensive independently written report.

Thereafter, a 1-hour feedback session with the candidate.

The Full Navigator is used for: Career choice, horizontal or vertical growth within the company, and HR development issues.

€ 1,685 p.p.

Including MS TEAMS feedback

Full Navigator + Final Assessment

If a final judgment / assessment is requested, we will use the Full Navigator as a platform in the first phase.

In the second phase, the report is supplemented with an extra external interview conducted by a psychologist.

The combination of pure data analysis from the test results with provisional indication, supplemented with the advice from the separate personal interview, is both careful and unique.

€ 1,895 p.p.

Including MS TEAMS feedback
  • All mentioned prices are excl. 21% VAT. Outside Europe: VAT reversed.
  • Besides English, some tests are available in several other languages.
  • Extra reporting requests (on top of our standard), if possible and approved, will result in a surcharge.
  • Data privacy & security: The setup we have created for assessments in our online portals meets all required standards and it meets the data protection rules.