Trainings Cluster: Metal Futures & Options Trading

These Competence Trainings allow junior and medior professionals to meet functional desires and master operational necessities relating to metal futures and option markets and trading.

You will master concepts, processes and terminology.

The aims of the Competence Trainings is manifold. It includes to familiarise with price formation, market analysis and price forecasting, position management, clearing, settlement, margining, risk management, value at risk, the Greek variables, trading strategies & technicalities, order submission & matching, the cost involved, and many more aspects.

Feel competent and confident

Competency training will lead to a range of improvements and it enhances your knowledge, skills, and your overall performance in the wholesale markets. You will feel much more competent and confident with concepts, processes and terminology.

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  • Metal Futures & Options Trading
  • 3 months access for 1 learner (€ 990)
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Training Cluster: Metal Futures & Options Trading

This cluster contains the following components, click on the link for more information.

24/7 access to all 50+ simulations

The trading simulations cover different products, various technical aspects and strategies, risk management and trading activities.

Run the trading simulations repeatedly, each time with a new scenario, they mimic real market conditions.

They help you to apply knowledge, optimise competencies and increase expertise.

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  • All 50+ simulations
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Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is the Competence Trainer most useful?

The Competence Trainer is suitable for any professional in the commodity & energy markets with a business, control or support function. This includes regulators, compliance officers, surveillance experts, risk managers, analysts, clearing specialists, settlements officers and IT professionals, as well as junior traders and brokers.

How does it work?

Practice your abilities unlimited without risk. The simulations mimic real-life situations at work and the required market-related actions. A user can, for instance, act in the capacity of a trader and perform screen-based training, via a front-end trading system (replicating both OTC trading and exchange-trading), as well as by responding to telephone calls, either based on a dedicated assignment or free format (in any role of choice).

Is it difficult to perform the training?

No, there are five ways to guide you, namely 1. instructions (pre-simulation), 2. a tutorial (at the start of the simulation), 3. reminders (during the simulation), 4. report & advice (post-simulation), and 5. exam.To ensure progress is not hindered, a tutorial helps you to get started, while reminders are generated during the simulations to keep you on track.

What ensures that I improve my competencies with the Competence Trainer?

You turn information into knowledge. Competence training facilitates the conversion of information into knowledge by guiding learners through active engagement, critical analysis, and practical application of lessons learnt.

What learning objectives does the Trainings Cluster Metal Futures & Options Trading serve?

  • Master basic processes & concepts – Including related terminology & related aspects
    • The trading environment
    • The trade process & the contract lifecycle
    • Straight through processing (of orders and deals)
    • The decision-making process, psychology of markets and handling emotions
  • Secure expertise in trading
    • Transacting or deal-making (buying & selling)
    • Open a position & close a position
    • Order types, plus order submission, processing and matching
    • Hitting & lifting
    • Market making & market taking (initiator & aggressor)
  • Overcome position management
    • Long/short (master short selling)
    • Netting (multilateral)
  • Conquer types of products
    • Forwards, futures & options
    • Spreads (cross-commodity spreads, time spreads, location spreads)
  • Assure your expertise in pricing
    • Price formation, order book and bid & ask
    • Market liquidity
    • Price volatility
  • Familiarise with the look & feel of screen-based trading.
    • What is shown on a screen? And which details matter most?
    • Analyse what bid or ask stands for
  • Master the working of an order book
    • To analyse the bid-ask spread
    • To observe market depth
  • Master OTC trading + usances in bilateral deals
    • Master agreement, credit risk management (limits) & the role of inter-dealer brokers
  • Overcome exchange-trading
    • Clearing
    • Margining (intial & variation margin)
    • Cross-margin
  • Conquer risk management
    • Price volatility & price correlation
    • Scenario analysis: Value at risk (VaR)
    • Sensitivity analysis: Greek variables (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho)
  • Perform market analysis
    • Processing data &, news as well as price forecasting
  • Price chart analysis
    • Real-time graphical representation of the price development
  • Forward curve analysis
    • Real-time representation of prices of contracts with a different time-to-maturity
    • Contango & Backwardation
    • Seasonality
    • Cost of carry
  • Master the relevance of timing
    • For any market participant, timing is essential; it will impact the financial performance.
  • Learn how to optimise the financial performance
    • Securing future cash flows and margins
  • Interpret result – Understand the financial statement
    • Take into account relevant aspects in order to qualify or to quantify the performance:
      • Direct transaction costs (fees), as well as indirect transaction costs (slippage)
      • Profit & loss (P/L), realised(after liquidation) & unrealised (open positions; M-to-M)
    • The process of (cash) collateralisation
      • Deposits (initial margin + variation margin)
    • Cash management
      • Finance liquidity & working capital
    • Identify transaction cost
      • Exchange fee & clearing fee

How much time will it take me to go through all the simulations?

At every simulation you can choose to run it in fast mode (5 minutes), medium (10 minutes) or slow (30 minutes). Next, you have access to a multitude of (different) simulations. This means you need to multiply by this number. Furthermore, as you may run each simulation unlimited times, you can spend as much time as you’d like. Luckily, every time you run the same simulation;you will face other circumstances just like in reality (random scenarios lead to different market developments).

What are my options if the validity period of my licence has expired but I haven’t gone through everything yet?

Send your request to renew your licence per email to Upon your payment we’ll effectuate your renewal.

Can I extend the validity period of my licence?

Yes, easily. Send your request to extend the validity period of your licence per email to Upon your payment we’ll extend the validity period, or (if already expired) we’ll effectuate your renewal.

Do I get a certificate if I have completed everything correctly?

Any simulation ends with an exam, consisting of a selection of questions. Upon passing you’ll be certified instantly, ready for immediate download from the system, so that you can upload into your corporate and/or personal files.

How can I develop my competencies even further?

Entrima offers a variety of learning services. Amongst these, a tailored training guided by a tutor (online or on-site) might be preferred, although Entrima’s “Intervision” service is another excellent option to extend your knowledge and skills by reflecting on a wide range of topics ongoing. This way, continuous professional developed is effectuated.


Entrima’s Competence Trainer is unique in its kind. I have never seen anything alike. It allows learners to master lots of relevant aspects of trading operations, including clearing, netting and margining in a very pragmatic way.

Miquel Thijssen Senior Sales Consultant, Sales Clearing Europe, European Energy Exchange