Commodity Indices & Price Indexation

This course contains animation-style videos with narration which set out both the topic ‘commodity indices’ and the concept of ‘price-indexation’. It is explained what an index concerns, what the differences are between single-commodity indices and multi-commodity indices, as well as how they are calculated and how they can be applied. In addition, the roles of administrators and contributors is set out. Furthermore, attention is given to price-indexation. It is set out how parties make use of an index as reference price in case of supply contracts and derivatives.

This course covers the following videos:

  1. Commodity indices – Introduction
  2. Commodity indices – Multi-commodity indices
  3. Commodity indices – Single commodity indices
  4. Commodity indices – Price reporting agencies
  5. Commodity indices – Pricing panel
  6. Commodity indices – Application
  7. Commodity indices – Regulation
  8. Price-indexation – Introduction
  9. Price-indexation – Maintaining benchmarks
  10. Price-indexation – Cross-commodity