About the “Electricity Generation Capacity” online training programme

In the world of electricity, physical capacity may be unavailable. It could be the result of scheduled maintenance or it may concern unplanned unavailability; the latter, typically, being an ad hoc event. Irrespective of the type of maintenance, it may concern information which impacts the market. In order to create a level playing field for market participants, under certain regulations, an obligation applies to make the information publicly available. Publication is mandatory when regulation classifies the information as inside information.

Course contents

This series of courses covers electricity production capacity and includes the following videos:

  1. Dissemination of information
  2. Expecting maintenance any time shortly
  3. Delay publication
  4. Exceptions to insider trading
  5. Trading plans
  6. Joint venture
  7. PPAs
  8. Scheduling maintenance
  9. Rescheduling maintenance
  10. Post-maintenance test
  11. Strike
  12. Delayed return
  13. Early return
  14. Introduction
  15. Sudden outage
  16. Timely publication
  17. Local magazine
  18. Threshold
  19. Analysis & opinion
  20. Rumour
  21. Rumours & gossip
  22. News broadcast
  23. Insiders
  24. Disclosing inside information
  25. Contacting the service provider
  26. Non-effective publication


The course provided a good explanation.

Mohammed Abi Afthab Olikathodi
Analyst Energy Data & Scenarios at Eurelectric

The most positive element of the course were the short informative lectures.

Olga Lysytsyna
Senior Consultant at E-Star

Content was good.

Maria Kramer
Operational Risk Manager at Statkraft

It is very informative and well described. The subtitles help.

Mohammed Abi Afthab Olikathodi
Analyst Energy Data & Scenarios at Eurelectric

Good illustration.

Nataliia Trofimova
Internal Auditor at DTEK