Energy Attribute Certificates

This course covers attribute (energy) certificates. In order to track and trace commodities from their source, their origination can be certified. Certificates can serve as proof how a commodity has been produced. This applies, amongst others, to electricity. Has it been produced by, for example, a coalfired power plant, a nuke, a wind turbine, a solar panel or a hydro facility? In this course various regimes and types of certificates are set out so that insight is gained what applies in which regions across the globe.

This course covers the following video lessons:

1. Energy attribute certificate (EAC)
2. Greenhouse Gas Protocol
3. Guarantee of origin (GoO)
4. Renewable energy certificate (REC)
5. International renewable energy certificate (I-REC)
6. Tradable instrument for global renewables (TIGR)
7. Trading EACs
8. Gas certificates
9. Hydrogen certificates


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