Course package: Climate & Sustainability

This course package allows professionals in the commodity & energy markets to learn more about climate and sustainability related topics.

ENTRIMA Learning Platforms

The learning platforms with courses and exams are intended to master virtuosity and allowing for continuous professional development, all to become expert in trading, risk management and trading operations, which suits every professional with a business, control or support function in the commodity or energy markets.

Be insightful and in control

Mastering knowledge means you will get a deeper knowledge; a broader picture and you be able to understand the way things work in new ways. This way you are able to foresee, manage, and successfully react to the occurrence of stressful events.

Time-efficient self-study

The content is provided to learners in different ways:

  • Animation-style videos – English voice & subtitles;
  • Tutored lessons – slides & English voice;
  • eLearning -requiring an active participation;
  • Knowledge centre – reports, docs & videos;
  • Case studies- to practically apply know-how;
  • Glossaries;
  • Excel files – and other tools.


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  • Climate & Sustainability
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Frequently Asked Questions

For whom are the Learning Platforms most useful?

In general our courses are suitable for any professional with a profession in or relating to the traded markets or any person who wants to know more about commodity & energy markets and trading.

How does it work?

In order to gain access to the Learning Platform, you will need to sign up to the ‘Free trial’, or purchase access by clicking on ‘Get licence for individual’.

Is it difficult to perform the self-study?

No; moreover, it is very easy, as the learning platform is very intuitive. Besides, it keeps track of where you were left and what you have completed.

What ensures that the Learning Platform – Markets & Trading extends my knowledge base?

Quite some video lessons incorporate examples, exercises and calculations, which allow for practical application. Furthermore, you can download materials to be used at any time afterwards. But above all, you will learn a lot as there are numerous courses about a wide range of themes. And as no one knows all, there is always something you can learn, even more so as Entrima keeps on uploading new courses.

What learning objectives does the Learning Platform – Markets & Trading serve?

Our curriculum, reflecting a comprehensive bundle of training courses, includes the following learning objectives:

  • Master basic processes & concepts – Including related terminology
    • The trading environment
    • The trade process & the contract lifecycle
    • Straight through processing (of orders and deals)
    • The decision-making process, psychology of markets and handling emotions
  • Become an expert in trading
    • Transacting or deal-making (buying & selling)
    • Open a position & close a position
    • Order types, plus order submission, processing and matching
    • Hitting & lifting
    • Market making & market taking (initiator vs. aggressor)
  • Learn about position management
    • Long/short (master short selling)
    • Netting (multilateral)
  • Conquer types of product
    • Forwards, futures & options
    • Spreads (cross-commodity spreads, time spreads, location spreads)
  • Assure your expertise in pricing
    • Price formation, order book and bid & ask
    • Market liquidity
    • Price volatility
  • To familiarise with the look & feel of screen-based trading.
    • What is shown on a screen? And which details matter most?
    • Analyse what bid or ask stands for
  • Master the working of an order book
    • To analyse the bid-ask spread
    • To observe market depth
  • Master OTC trading and the usances in bilateral deal-making, including:
    • Master agreement, credit risk management (limits) & the role of inter-dealer brokers
  • Overcome exchange-trading
    • Clearing
    • (Cross-)margin
  • Learn about risk management
    • Value at risk (VaR)
    • Price correlation
    • Greek variables (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho)
  • Perform market analysis
    • Processing data &, news as well as price forecasting
    • Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, quantitative analysis, psychological analysis
  • Price chart analysis
    • Dynamic graphical representation of the price development
    • Charting: Support & resistance lines, as well as confirmation & reverse patterns
  • Forward curve analysis
    • Static graphical representation of prices of contracts with a different time-to-maturity
    • Contango & Backwardation
    • Cost of carry
  • Master FX trading
    • Exchange one currency position for another currency position, as you like
    • Monitor FX rate developments and the impact of it for deal-making
    • Provide price quotations & learn about FX exchange rates
    • Experience inter-bank transactions
  • Learn how to optimise the financial performance
    • Experience future cash flows are margins can be assured
  • Interpret result – Understand the financial statement
    • Take into account relevant aspects in order to qualify or to quantify the performance:
      • Direct transaction costs (fees), as well as indirect transaction costs (slippage)
      • Profit & loss (P/L), realised (after liquidation) & unrealised (open positions; M-to-M)
    • The process of (cash) collateralisation
      • Deposits (initial margin + variation margin)
    • Cash management
      • Finance liquidity & working capital
    • Identify transaction cost
      • Exchange fee & clearing fee

How much time will it take me to go through the Learning Platforms?

For an average course you need 25 to 30 minutes. For detailed information see content guide.

What are my options if the validity period of my licence has expired but I haven’t gone through everything yet?

Send your request to renew your licence per email to Upon your payment we’ll effectuate your renewal.

Can I extend the validity period of my licence?

No, but you can renew your licence. Send your request to renew your licence per email to Upon your payment we’ll provide you access again to the relevant services.

Do I get a certificate if I have completed everything correctly?

Any course ends with an exam, consisting of a selection of questions. Upon passing you’ll be certified instantly, ready for immediate download from the system, so that you can upload into your corporate and/or personal files.

How can I develop my competencies even further?

Entrima offers a variety of learning services. Amongst these, a tailored training guided by a tutor (online or on-site) might be preferred, although Entrima’s “Competence Trainer” is another excellent option to train your competences in a safe environment. This way, continuous professional developed is effectuated.


The course provided a good explanation.

Mohammed Abi Afthab Olikathodi
Analyst Energy Data & Scenarios at Eurelectric

The most positive element of the course were the short informative lectures.

Olga Lysytsyna
Senior Consultant at E-Star

Content was good.

Maria Kramer
Operational Risk Manager at Statkraft

It is very informative and well described. The subtitles help.

Mohammed Abi Afthab Olikathodi
Analyst Energy Data & Scenarios at Eurelectric

Good illustration.

Nataliia Trofimova
Internal Auditor at DTEK

Entrima has trained numerous professionals and certified thousands of learners, and counting

“The in-company training services were very satisfying, amongst others, as they served the purpose of learning by debate and through exchange of thoughts.”
Pieter Schuurs
Intercontinental Exchange | ICE Endex
“The most positive element of Entrima’s online learning services concerns the progressive (step-by-step) approach from simple to more complex concepts.”
Ronan Haas
“The online learning services are based on a comprehensive curriculum with a wide variety of theoretical basics combined with a profound business knowledge. The courses provide an in-depth understanding of business relevant processes.”
Mario Claeys
Uniper Global Commodities
“Entrima’s courses are very suitable for our employees; good quality content is what we look for.”
Rob Veersma
Advisor | Global Energy Community
“Really well structured and easy to follow content that is varied in delivery in order to keep the reader engaged. Looking forward to seeing more from the Entrima in the future!”
Erika Rabadia
Manager Trading Surveillance | Shell