Weather risk

This course covers weather risk. It sets out what weather elements companies can be exposed to. Attention is given to the characteristics of these weather elements and the circumstances they can bring along, as well as their impact on the financial performance of an organisation. Weather data are covered as well. By means of examples it is explained what makes data relevant and what these are used for.

This course covers the following video lessons:

  1. Weather risk & weather risk management
  2. Climate versus weather
  3. Precipitation-related exposures
  4. Precipitation-related exposures – Hydro power plants
  5. Storms, typhoons & hurricanes
  6. Weather data analysis
  7. Indicators – Weather indices
  8. Indicators – Weather index – Degree day
  9. Indicators – Weather index – CHI
  10. Risk mitigation – Introduction
  11. Risk mitigation – Structuring – Weather-indexed pricing
  12. Risk mitigation – Structuring – PPA
  13. Risk mitigation – Structuring – Structured deal
  14. Risk mitigation – Structuring – Catastrophe-related products
  15. Risk mitigation – Structuring – Cat bonds
  16. Risk mitigation – Structuring – Cat bonds – Triggers
  17. Weather risk control

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