Freight – Freight rates & indices

This course explains the pricing of commodity transport per vessel. The price driving factors are set out to explain rate levels and fluctuations. In this course it is also explained what freight indices can be used for and how these serve as underlying value for the settlement of freight forwards, futures and options.

This course covers the following video lessons:

  1. Freight rates – Level & volatility
  2. Freight rates – Internal factors
  3. Freight rates – External factors
  4. Freight rates – Relationships
  5. Freight rates – Volatility
  6. The Baltic Exchange
  7. Worldscale
  8. Freight indices – Introduction
  9. Freight indices – Purpose of an index
  10. Freight indices – Baltic indexes
  11. Freight indices – Baltic Dry Index (BDI)
  12. Freight indices – Freight derivatives
  13. Freight indices – Components – Baltic Dry index (BDI)
  14. Freight indices – Components – Baltic Capesize Index (BCI)

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