Order Types

Market participants apply various orders types when submitting instructions to transact. The features differ per order type and can be used to the advantage of market participants. This way, specific desires can be met, taking into account economical, operational or logistical aspects.

This course covers the following videos:

  1. Introduction
  2. On-screen & off-screen
  3. Algorithms
  4. Market order
  5. Limit order
  6. Complex orders
  7. Time-specific order
  8. Good-for-day order
  9. Good-till-date order
  10. Good-till-cancelled order
  11. Immediate-or-cancel order
  12. Fill-or-kill order
  13. All-or-nothing order
  14. Pre-&-post-trade auction
  15. Market-or-limit-on-open-or-close order
  16. Smart orders – Day ahead implicit electricity auction
  17. Conditional orders
  18. Stop order
  19. Stop-limit order
  20. Trailing-stop order
  21. Market-if-touched order
  22. One-cancels-the-other order
  23. Iceberg order
  24. Discretionary order
  25. Tick-sensitive order
  26. Prioritisation
  27. Choice market

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