Leadership requires mental management. In other words, leadership requires professionals to manage their mental status thoroughly. In people’s lives, there are internal and external forces constantly in action. An external force concerns the environment, irrespective whether that concerns our private lives or work. An internal force concerns the collection of mental forces represented by beliefs, memories and associations. Furthermore, there are the deep inner forces of curiosity and attraction that compel people to explore, learn about and interact with the environment.

Leadership requires a professional to be on a non-stop cycle of learning. And in order to do so, one needs to know or learn how to adapt. Furthermore, in order to adapt, professionals need to look out for learning and change rather than resist those aspects or steps. This requires willingness on the part of a professional. Every pro is recommended to think outside of the limitations established by his or her own beliefs, associations and memories. It also requires willingness on the side of a professional to learn how to manage mental energy, so that one can release oneself from the negative effects of their painful memories.

The mentioned willingness to change or optimise onself should come, preferably from somewhere other than desperation. A professional should learn how to recognise what he needs to know long before his mental state deteriorates to the level of desperation.

Our Purpose

Entrima provides learning services for professionals in the commodity & energy markets.

Content & Context

Entrima’s mission is to transfer knowledge regarding the business, controls & operations of parties in (or relating to) the wholesale markets.

Conduct & Culture

Entrima mission is to facilitate the prevention & detection of misconduct and to foster proper behaviour in organisations. This is achieved via training, periodic updates and increased awareness.