Carbon Markets & Emission Rights

Voluntary & mandatory systems

Carbon Markets & Emission Rights

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This 1-day course sets out the basics of green energy, emission rights and the trading of it, as well as relating market mechanisms. The tutor will cover the fundamentals.

Attention is given to emission trading schemes and the related allowances, as well as carbon credits and attribute energy certificates that are part of today’s energy transition phase.

This course is suitable for any professional who wants to familiarise with the basics of carbon markets and the related aspects of relevance. Hence, the course is targeted particularly at those who are considered starters/juniors in this field of expertise.




  • Background: Climate change & energy transition
    • Decrease energy consumption via (improved) energy efficiency
    • Renewability
    • Emission (rights) trading
  • Emission rights vs. Carbon credits
    • National or regional Emission Trading Schemes (ETSs)
      • European Union Emission trading scheme (EU ETS) – European Union Allowances (EUAs)
      • Other ETSs
    • United Nations projects
      • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) – Certified Emission Rights (CERs)
      • Joint Implementaion (JI) – Emission Reduction Units (ERUs)
    • Projects
      • Authorised
      • Unauthorised
  • Attribute certificates
    • RECs, iRECs, Green certificates, Guarantee of origin
    • Institutions
    • High quality standards
  • Frameworks & standards
    • Gold standard
    • Verra
    • Other
      • Example: Certi-Q & Vertogas
  • Registers
    • National registry
    • Accounts
  • Trading places
    • Bilateral deals
      • Master agreements
      • Credit support
        • Limits
        • Collateralisation
      • Brokerage services
    • Exchanges
      • Members & memberships
      • Margining
      • Leverage
  • Market design
    • Continuous trading
      • Exchanges
      • Open hours
      • Intraday price fluctuations
    • Auctioning
      • Auction methodology
      • Blind auction
      • Volume allocation
      • Market clearing price setting

Practical Information


Thursday 30 November 2023, 10:00-16:00 (CET)

Where and how?

Online (MS Teams)


995.00 excl. VAT

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