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Course: MiFID II – Definitions

About the online training programme

The second version of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) sets out a large range of definitions, which are used in its provisions. In order to understand and comply with this piece of legislation, one has to familiarise with the definitions. This is why these definitions have been provided in the form of easy accessible movies. Professionals can master the content and/or consult the videos instantly in case of an ad hoc need. This way, a database is created meeting the desire to go over it once more and allowing for continuous professional development guaranteed.

Course contents

This series of courses consists of the following video lessons, as well as an exam:

  1. Investment services & activities
  2. Ancillary services
  3. Financial instruments
  4. C6 derivatives
  5. Exchange-traded fund
  6. Dealing on own account
  7. Direct electronic access
  8. Execution of orders on behalf of others
  9. Investment advice
  10. Client
  11. Trading venue
  12. Regulated market (RM)
  13. Multilateral trading facility (MTF)
  14. Organised trading facility (OTF)
  15. Market operator
  16. Multilateral system
  17. Systemic Internaliser (SI)
  18. Market maker
  19. Algorithmic trading
  20. High frequency trading (HFT)
  21. Liquid market
  22. Portfolio management
  23. Portfolio compression
  24. Approved reporting mechanism (ARM)
  25. Limit order
  26. Senior management


The course provided a good explanation.

Mohammed Abi Afthab Olikathodi
Analyst Energy Data & Scenarios at Eurelectric

The most positive element of the course were the short informative lectures.

Olga Lysytsyna
Senior Consultant at E-Star

Content was good.

Maria Kramer
Operational Risk Manager at Statkraft

It is very informative and well described. The subtitles help.

Mohammed Abi Afthab Olikathodi
Analyst Energy Data & Scenarios at Eurelectric

Good illustration.

Nataliia Trofimova
Internal Auditor at DTEK