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About the online training programme

Both rationale and emotions relate to the decision-making process of human beings. This automatically implies that both ratio and feelings impact our actions or behaviour. Psychological aspects, including mental traps, can impact a professional’s performance, as well as one’s attitude. The decision-making process of human beings is optimised by various natural strategies. Heuristics are examples of these; they are cognitive strategies. Framing concerns another mental strategy to optimise the decision-making process. Other anomalies lead to the same. All these cognitive biases impact our behaviours.

Course contents

This series of courses consists of the following video lessons, as well as an exam:

  1. Cognitive anomalies
  2. Heuristics
  3. A list of heuristics
  4. An example of heuristics: Gambler’s fallacy
  5. An example of heuristics: Loss aversion
  6. An example of heuristics: Self-serving bias
  7. Framing
  8. Language & culture create frames
  9. The thinking-speaking-acting connection
  10. An example of framing:
  11. Tversky & Kahneman’s research experiment
  12. Anomalies
  13. An example of an anomaly: Greed & fear
  14. An example of an anomaly: Herd behaviour
  15. An example of an anomaly: Sunk cost fallacy
  16. Coping with mental traps & biases

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