Online Oracle

This online learning service can be allocated as a unique source of information, which is instantly available, on a 24/7 basis during 365 days.

The Online Oracle is a fantastic tool to seek for support at work. Watch one of the hundreds of one-minute video lessons with factual and conceptual information. It concerns location-independent knowhow and ever-lasting knowledge (hence, time-independent).

The Online Oracle can be used to master a concept or process or to familiarize with terminology, in order to optimise the knowledge transfer at work or during your training. The Online Oracle can also be used to embed know how. After all, repetition is important to realise embedding of knowledge and realise the required expertise.

Included in licence – free of charge

This service is constantly available, on an ongoing basis, for all of those who have access to our leaning platform, via the licence “Unlimited Access”, which concerns a season ticket to access all our online self-study courses. Any leaner can consult the database 24/7, during 365, via the search function. Just enter your topic of interest and be provided a selection of materials about this topic. After having read an article, downloaded a PDF file or watched a video one can continue work. This makes the consult operationally fast and very flexible, not requiring anyone to stop working.

App – mobile devices

The service is available via an app suitable for application on mobile devices, as well as via a browser-based application.

Factual & Conceptual

The ‘Online Oracle’ concerns ‘ad hoc’ availability of a database covering conceptual and factual knowledge (concepts, processes and terminology). If, at work, a question pops up, you can look it up instantly. The comprehensive database of materials includes hundreds of one-minute video lessons. You can allocated those in various ways and for different purposes. Just do as you please!