Private Guru

In-Company Sessions – Explaining Complexity In Plain Language

Your Private Guru is an online learning service. Via a live connection (MS Teams) the Private Guru is at your service to train you and/or your team. Alternatively, it can be allocated to pick the brain of the Guru. It can also be used as discussion platform, to debate or to exchange thoughts on specific topics. Actually, the Private Guru is of added value to every form of education.

Online training or coaching by an expert

The Private Guru is a fantastic tool to address work-related questions and receive answers from a specialist. You can allocate it as an in-house training service or as support at work. Our expert provides you with the right assistance. After all, practical application is very relevant. As knowledge is transferred into skills, you are yielding the maximum return on your stake.

Group or individual

You yourself may want to be educated on a 1-to-1 basis via an online session with one of our specialists. Alternatively, a tailored programme is delivered to your team. This way, you and/or your colleagues can leverage on our expertise. This service can be allocated as training, but it is also very suitable as a pre- or post-training tool. After all, repetition is important to embed knowledge thoroughly and realise expertise beyond anyone’s expectations.

Pricing & Duration

The Private Guru is contracted in a tailored manner. Together we identify your needs and on this basis we draft a programme and timeline. Enrolling the programme may take an hour, a day or even various sessions. This is dependent on what needs to be covered and to what extent.

Beyond Knowledge

Entrima’s Private Guru allows you to take things into depth and apply this to job specific and/or employer-specific situations, as well as to reflect on possible solutions.


Contact us at and share your desires, or leave your phone number. We are happy to exchange thought and provide you with a tailored proposal.