Responsibility & Leadership

The Evolution of Responsibility and Accountability

Rather common questions nowadays are: Who is responsible within the firm? Which function can be held accountable? Actually, it is best to make everyone responsible. It should be part of a professional’s attitude. Hence, companies have set a framework for it. This way, one can create responsibility at every level for all topics related to ethics. Morality plays a crucial role in this era. In the homogeneous society of earlier centuries it was easy to raise expectations. In the nowadays heterogeneous society to control people is getting harder than ever before. Consequently, more attention has to be raised for integrity. People have to take responsibility together. We are all part of the same complex system and need to solve issues together.

Interconnection of Accountability and Responsibility in Leadership

Accountability and responsibility are words that relate to each other. One belongs to the other, as they cannot, and should not, be seen separately. Next, both relate to leadership. Leaders are responsible or, from the opposite angle, those who take responsibility are leading by definition. Analogously, leaders are accountable or, from another viewpoint, those who position themselves being accountable are leading by definition.

Factors Influencing Responsibility and Decision-making

Regularly, in life, people do not take responsibility. This applies in many situations, including in the business. It seems as if people are less willing to take responsibility than before. Assuming that this is correct, the question arises: why is this the case? Is it because nowadays a person is cancelled if (s)he makes unpopular decisions or tends to disagree with the mass? Do we live in an era whereby risk is expected to be managed by the government while any potential is for the opportunists? Is the upside for the individual, while the downside has to be socialised? Or is it simply because the world has become more complex and are people less able and capable than before to oversee what is going on, how it all relates and what is relevant? And if so, does this lead to a lack of daring to speak out, daring to decide, and daring to do? It could very well be all of this. Although, in a complex world, typically, there is a multitude of causes and, thus, all these things contribute to the situation. For sure, a lack of knowing or understanding leads to a lack of trust, while a lack of trust

Leadership Imperative in Complex Systems

In complex social systems, like the wholesale energy markets, leadership is key. And as the world has become more complex, more leadership is needed than ever before.