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The Market Abuse Training Standard developed by Entrima offers companies various benefits:

  • Mastering factual knowledge; fundamentals & essentials
  • Optimising competences to handle practical situations
  • Raising awareness
  • Coping with practical dilemmas
  • Improved ethics & integrity
  • Solution to prevent abuse
  • Familiarise with jurisprudence and disciplinary actions
  • Assurance of compliant trading
  • More effective detection
  • Insurance against non-compliance.
  • Complete outsourcing of your requirement to train management & staff.
  • Shielding the reputation of the company
  • Standard applied by numerous market participants; therewith, ‘best practice’
  • Off-the-shelf training solution; no requirement to invest time yourself
  • Readily available
  • Integrated reporting on participation, proceedings, examination & certification

Unburden your compliance function:

  • Compliance officers may lack time to train;
  • Compliance departments may lack sufficient budget to develop online training;
  • Compliance experts may not have the skills or competences to educate;
  • Compliance specialists may lack the tools to train in an effective manner.

One-stop-shop for conduct training:

  • Entrima facilitates the provision of learning services;
  • One point of contact – you only face Entrima;
  • All services in identical format;
  • One reporting system.

Entrima has trained numerous professionals and certified thousands of learners, and counting

“The in-company training services were very satisfying, amongst others, as they served the purpose of learning by debate and through exchange of thoughts.”
Pieter Schuurs
Intercontinental Exchange | ICE Endex
“The most positive element of Entrima’s online learning services concerns the progressive (step-by-step) approach from simple to more complex concepts.”
Ronan Haas
“The online learning services are based on a comprehensive curriculum with a wide variety of theoretical basics combined with a profound business knowledge. The courses provide an in-depth understanding of business relevant processes.”
Mario Claeys
Uniper Global Commodities
“Entrima’s courses are very suitable for our employees; good quality content is what we look for.”
Rob Veersma
Advisor | Global Energy Community
“Really well structured and easy to follow content that is varied in delivery in order to keep the reader engaged. Looking forward to seeing more from the Entrima in the future!”
Erika Rabadia
Manager Trading Surveillance | Shell