Assessments — Assessing Recruits & Employees

Assessments — Assessing Recruits & Employees

Assessing recruits, career movers and those about to make a promotion, in order to support Human Resource departments and Learning & Development teams.


Recruitment & Job Re-orientation

We assess knowledge and skills of individuals and teams. Our assessments test candidates in the recruitment and job re-orientation process, checking whether one is fit-for-purpose. Furthermore, we asses professionals, and their performance, to support change management and to prepare for the changed complexity of markets due to the energy transition, coping with new technologies and dealing with complexity, uncertainty and stress.

Strategic HR

Improved quality of staff contributes to the performance of your organisation. Therefore, assessment and continuous professional development have to be regarded by the highest management. Hence, a corporate strategy is required.

Entrima’s tools to assess your potential recruits, newly hired staff and other employees, consists of tests, reports and evaluations.

Features of Complexity

Markets are complex social systems, being characterised by the following features:

  • Numerous interacting market participants
  • Inter-relationships between market participants
  • Dynamic significance of the strengths of inter-relationships
  • The outcome is based on actions & interactions of market participants
  • Uncertainty (unpredictable outcomes, price forecasting)
  • The system’s behaviour can be impacted by external sources
  • Discontinuous status (a complex system is neither in equilibrium, nor unbalanced)
  • Impossible to fully control
  • Information is diffuse; it cannot be gathered or derived at one single point
  • No one knows all relevant aspects
  • A multi-dimensional approach is required to cope with practical cases

Coping with Complexity & Uncertainty

The world of trading is characterised by complexity and uncertainty. This requires employees of brokerage firms, exchanges, clearing organisations, and parties with a trading function to have specific knowledge, skills and attitude. In the process of recruitment or job rotation, the competencies of the individuals could be assessed to see whether someone qualifies for the job.

In order to cope with complexity and uncertainty, any person, including any professional, requires the following capacities:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Alert
  • Adaptive
  • Resilience
  • Creative
  • Antifragility
  • Acquiring knowledge
  • Acting effectively
  • Remaining viable

Professionals in the front, middle and back office of companies with a trading function have to have particular competencies. Traders, even more than others, should also be equipped with the following:

  • Analytical skills
  • Being able to identify, understand and apply relationships
  • Developing and analysing associations
  • Processing and interpretation of data
  • Quantitative skills (strong feeling for numbers)
  • Master of decision-making


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Types of Assessments

Survey: Preferred & Stressed Thinking Patterns

Does the candidate’s thinking fit within the job requested, both under preference and under stress?

  • HBDI – Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
  • Also used in team optimisation process

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Survey: Capacities & Talent Indication

Indication of possible not used talents:

  • Determination of school and non-school capacities in the areas of: language capability, numerical qualities, spatial insight, working speed, accuracy
  • Multi-cultural Capabilities test (VU University, Amsterdam)

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Survey: Critical Analytical Reasoning

Insight in being able to perform

  • Independent leadership
  • Being able to handle/correct one’s own emotions, preconceived thoughts and dare to doubt rationality
  • WATSON-GLASER test (Pearson)

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Survey: Personality & Values

Is the candidate socio-psychologically fit, within the culture of the team/organisation?

  • Performance preference and cultural fit in the workplace
  • Who are you as professional?
  • SOSIE test (Pearson)

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Full Navigator

We assess the capabilities of your candidates in various fields by means of tests.

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Full Navigator + Final Assessment

If a final judgment / assessment is requested, we will use the Full Navigator as a platform in the first phase.

In the second phase, the report is supplemented with an extra external interview conducted by a psychologist.

The combination of pure data analysis from the test results with provisional indication, supplemented with the advice from the separate personal interview, is both careful and unique.

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Knowledge Test: Technical Know How

Factual knowledge forms the fundament of performing professionally. Without know how. The traded markets involve particular activities, embed specific processes, and include lots of terminology, all of which has to be mastered to perform the job properly.

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Attitude Awareness Test: Ethics & Integrity

We assess the behaviour of your candidates in various fields by means of tests.

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Traders Abilities

Knowledge alone is relatively useless for professional at their daily work. The ability to practically apply knowledge and to develop and implement solutions for the encountered challenges are key. One has to be able to cope with what is expected or needed.

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Operational Resilience

We assess the operational resilience of your organisation in the sense of coping with complexity and uncertainty.

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Corporate Culture

We assess the corporate culture of your organisation in the sense of coping with complexity and uncertainty.

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